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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a major issue in the United States. Bed bugs are spread into homes, hotels, apartments through suitcases and used furniture. Bed bugs do not spread disease. Bed bugs reproduce quickly and need to be removed from a facility immediately. Bed bugs are Reddish-brown in color and are small and have flat bodies. When inspecting for bed bugs use a flashlight to look under and in the seams of mattresses. Inspect behind headboards, picture frames, behind baseboard trim, inside outlet covers, and on furniture in the room. If your home or business has bed bug activity seal off the room. Place all bedding, sheets, clothing, and curtains into garbage bags. This is to prevent spreading the bugs when removing them from the infested room. Place these items into a washing machine at a minimum of 120 degrees. Inspect vacuum cleaners and replace the bags, dispose of the vacuum bags in a dumpster. It is necessary that you hire a professional pest control service to eliminate bed bugs.